Focus on Couples

How do you photograph two people who are in love? I don’t like the cheesy poses that shout ‘we love each other’. I want to take pictures that show how much the couple love each other by simply showing them as they are naturally. It can be difficult asking people to ‘act natural’ with a camera in their face though so I have some prompts up my sleeve to help make them laugh and take away any awkwardness; ‘in your sexiest voice whisper your favourite pizza topping in her ear’. Whatever is whispered is generally enough to make them both laugh, even if it’s just the thought of what I have asked them to do, it breaks the ice. I’m not sure what Matt said when I asked him to do this, but look at how easy and natural their laugh is.

‘What’s your favourite pizza topping?’ with Matt and James.

Similarly asking the couple to walk towards me while one twirls the other under their arm, this has the dual effect of allowing me to capture a natural candid moment, but if you look at this example, it looks like Harry is showing Susie off. Like he’s telling us; ‘look how beautiful my girl is’.

‘Look how beautiful my girl is?’ with Harry and Susie.

And he’s right.

My photoshoot with Harry and Susie was one of my favourites. As a couple who love adventure and laugh a lot together I really wanted to capture that. They have this particular pose that they recreate in special places; such as their wedding, their engagement etc. So we recreated it on the beach near where they live. This is a place they walk together every day as it is less than 5mins from where they bought their first home together. It’s a place with a special meaning for them. The weather Gods were really on our side too, look at how blue the sky is! I always try to listen to my clients and take into account what they’re looking for from the shoot. Whether it’s a specific pose or outfit or location… I’ll do my best to accommodate.

‘Adventure is our love language’ with Harry and Susie.

Couples shoots are now available at £150 per session so please contact me for more info or click here.

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