Pregnancy announcement shoot

The amazing thing about photography is that I get to help people mark the most momentous occasions of their lives. Last month my friend Susie asked me to take photographs for her pregnancy announcement. She has a medium to large-sized following on Instagram so wanted to post something for her audience. She is also an American living in the UK, so she also wanted pictures to send to her family back home.

During the photoshoot I took lots of pictures of Susie and her husband, Harry, holding their 12-week pregnancy scan. In the pictures their happiness just absolutely radiates through. I have to say that being present for this moment actually made me feel quite emotional. These pictures will be kept and treasured forever by Harry, Susie and their families. I got to capture and memorialise this moment in the history of their lives.

When I got home and was showing my partner the pictures on my camera he said that he hadn’t ever really thought how amazing it was that I got to do that for people. That I can take pictures of the special occasions, the happiness in their heart and the love in their eyes. I know it sounds corny and I never thought I was soft, but hey, looks like I am.

Give me a shout if you have an occasion coming up that you’d like me to help you preserve the memories forever.

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