Maternity shoot – Susie, Harry and Bump

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a maternity photoshoot with my friend Susie and her husband and their baby bump.

We started taking some pictures in their home. Susie and Harry have created a beautiful space and they wanted some pictures taken in what will be their baby’s new home when she arrives. I had such a clear image in my head of wanting to create a silhouette of Susie’s baby bump in front of their French doors. I absolutely love how they turned out, there’s such a warmth in the colouring what with the dress Susie was wearing.

Then we moved to the beach and Susie changed her outfit the this gorgeous grey dress with a high split so that she could show her bump. It was a beautiful, but windy day and we got some gorgeous pictures of Susie and Harry and some with Susie on her own. I may have manipulated the colour in the sky with these shots to make the day look a little brighter.

I’ve said before, but there’s something really magical and such a sense of responsibility capturing these moments in people’s lives. I always want to capture the happiness and love that shines from their eyes and their smiles. I like to imagine these pictures will be pored over for years to come and that little baby bump in 18 years time will look back at these pictures and know how loved she was before she even arrived Earth side. I hope I get the privilege of capturing her in her first few weeks of life too.

What do you think of this shoot? As ever, get in touch if you want to capture some of the magical moments in your life.

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